East Hastings Map

Summer 2017

Artist Statement

A self-named Modern Traditionalist, EWL is a multi-disciplinary artist, specializing in painting and drawing. She seeks to rethink and personalize art historic concepts such as genre painting, portraiture, and symbolism, exploring such themes as the drug epidemic, homelessness and drug addiction; depression, bullying and mental health; feminism; the environment, waste, and animal rights; and spirituality and symbolism (including proverbs). She is currently in the process of channeling these themes into installation work(s). EWL is also the founder of Rarebit Press, EWL Bespoke and LUXVGN.

Description of the Historical Exhibit

The exhibit I created, East Hastings Map, was the result of a personal study of theDowntown East Side, and the community therein. I was interested in finding ways to display the stories of the individuals living in the DTES, in order to potentially inspire a conversation about the needs of that community, and to lift stereotypes that are pasted on the DTES and its inhabitants. The works displayed at the Cheeky Proletariat were a set of three scrolls and three small panel paintings. The paintings were narrative versions of sights and people I had seen and/or met in the DTES; the scrolls also depicted the same scenes, but included imagery of pigeons and the general landscape. This was to touch upon themes of environmentalism and urban development, specifically the impact urban development has had and will have on our local environment and, in cases such as the DTES, our locals themselves.

Emma Windsor-Liscombe
@ewlart (Instagram)

Left: DTES Resident 1, oil on panel, 2017

East Hastings Map (The View Remains the Same), 2017, ink on paper with reclaimed fabric

East Hastings Map (The View Remains the Same), 2017, ink on paper with reclaimed fabric

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