If We Were the Sea

If We Were the Sea is a photo-based installation exploring the environment aboard a hundred-thousand-ton freighter and the experiences of its crew as they make their passage across invisible time zones, navigating the demands between camaraderie and interdependence, expansiveness and isolation.

Inside a familiar piece of Vancouver’s identity as a major port city, If We Were the Sea asks us to reflect on our own resilience, what ultimately sustains us, and how we navigate the hidden dependencies in our changing environment.

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April 1-30, 2018 (extended to May 10th)

(Viewable 24/7, Interactive on F: 12-5pm) 

Part of the Capture Photography Festival 

Artist Bio:

Shelby Tay is a photographer based in Vancouver. Her work explores themes of resilience and rootedness. With a background in ecology, she is often drawn to the curiosities and contradictions inherent in spaces where one dominant system edges into another and the life that thrives in these in-betweens. 

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