Are you Black Enough? Gastown Exhibit Launches this weekend

The pressure to conform to mainstream societal norms is intense, but equally strong is the pressure to fit black stereotypes.

In time for Black History Month, the Cheeky Proletariat presents “I AM ________ ENOUGH”.

This bi-coastal production tackles this monolithic narrative of blackness by displaying the words (on Vinyl) “I AM BLACK ENOUGH”. This installation showcases the artistic design talents of Jibola Fagbamiye. It will occupy the Cheeky Proletariat space at 320 Carrall Street in Vancouver’s Gastown, across from Pigeon Park. 

Over the course of the month the word “Black” will gradually be removed to reveal a self-affirming statement “I AM ENOUGH”, which pushes back against societal expectations of blackness towards an authentic expression and acceptance of self, which acknowledges the complexity of our humanity.

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