The Feels

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In time for Black History Month, local artist Nanyamka Lewis will present an installation titled “The Feels” ( that seeks to shed light on mental illness within the black community. While this month is for celebrating the strength and perseverance that is an integral part of black culture, the community continues to face, racial, economic and educational disparities regarding mental health.

“The Feels” creates a safe community for black youth to heal, process, share and discuss mental and emotional health. This exhibit delves into the beauty and complexities of navigating the world as a person of color – sharing our experiences and telling our stories. “The feels” Is an open forum for black youth to contribute to the ongoing discussion of our mental health.

Nanyamka hopes that this will serve as a springboard, opening up the conversation about intersectionality within mental health. She believes that there is strength in vulnerability and an inherent desire to share freely, without caution, so that others may do the same. Let’s humanize the black emotive and validate that it is ok to not be ok.

The Installation:

The Art installation will be a mixture of form and poetry. It will showcase some of the written works of Nanyamka. The installation will ask the viewer to navigate through a space that embodies some of the thoughts and feeling that we as black youth experience everyday.

The white space represents the context within which social anxieties caused by racial injustice and cultural ignorance often arise. The mundane items such as a chair, a plant, a tv and a stack of books using the writing to create movement in the space representing the façade behind which the black community often hides mental health issues.


February 1st, 2018, 7pm- Up for the Duration of Black History Month.

Cheeky Proletariat Storefront Gallery, 320 Carrall Street.

Feature Artist:

Nanyamka Lewis –

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